An invisible village as a landmark


An invisible village as a landmark / 2012 / a hut-2500×50×h.1500mm、a farmer woman-1300×50×h.1400mm, Bonfire-1200×50×h.2000mm, a wolf-1000×50×h.700、a farmer man 800×50×1100 (Vew of the part of installation,12 sculpture in total ) /print on the aluminum, Farming implement
/The Instalation view of “ Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2012”
The sculpture, which has been transcribed with these photographs of the background scene and fictional things that should not be there, dissolves into its location. It gets lost. It looks as if it might have disappeared completely. It was put together so as to be like one scene from the everyday, as if it reflects the daily life of the rural village, with husbands and wives working the land, bonfires, wolves, huts, and tractors, and was installed in woods, villages, and fallow fields.

Photo – O.Nakamura