Days / 2011
(a gardener) 900×50×H.1650mm , (a watch dog) 650×50×H.700mm, (a bicycle)1650×50×H.1200mm, (cats) 350×100×h.350mm, 400×100×h.200mm
/aluminum, printed, a bloom/ The Instalation view of “ AOBA+ART 2011”
Invisible Sculpture” is a series of sculptures printed with photographs of the background that assimilate into the landscape.
Sculptures depicting everyday life in the residential area, such as a man sweeping a garden, a guard dog, and an abandoned bicycle, were installed in the residential area as if they were part of daily life, blending in with the grass, garden plants, and windowsills and eaves of houses.
A group of sculptures seem to blend in and seem to disappear from the scene. While assimilating into the landscape, the “sculptures” evoke various invisible elements of the landscape, such as the time that has passed, the lives that once existed, and the people who have been involved in the past. At the same time, the sculpture, as a cutout of time, resonates with the changing landscape, generating various time axes.