Days / 2011
(a gardener) 900×50×H.1650mm , (a watch dog) 650×50×H.700mm, (a bicycle)1650×50×H.1200mm, (cats) 350×100×h.350mm, 400×100×h.200mm
/aluminum, printed, a bloom/ The Instalation view of “ AOBA+ART 2011”
Sculpture that melts in grassy, garden planting, window’s, houses was installed in a residential
area as if like a part of daily life. Photographs of the background are transferred to the surface of
the sculpture which symbolized the daily life of residential areas such as gardener, watchdog,
bicycle, and cat. In regard , sculptures seem to have disappeared as if it were lost in the
landscape. This works show the past cut away as a picture and the momentarily changing