Unnamed Country


Rain  Kawauchi-Mura/Fukushima  / 2015 /300×200mm / photographs, collaged on a photograph /  Unnamed Country/TRAUMARIS SPACE

Fukushima, Ishinomaki, Seto Inland Sea. Ultra thin photographic sculpture where the same photograph was layered on the anonymous landscape taken there. It is a tracing such as rain and snow that emerges as an invisible layer. Rain and snow are natural phenomena that can occur anytime, anywhere. The scenery implies a different time axis that surely existed in the ancient times, or even a few days ago, and may exist from now on.


Rain  Futaba-Chou/Fukushima  / 2015 /300×200mm / photographs, collaged on a photograph / TRAUMARIS SPACE

Rain  Hon-Jima/Kagawa  / 2015 /300×200mm / photographs, collaged on a photograph / Unnamed Country/ TRAUMARIS SPACE

Snow  Inu-Jima/Okayama  / 2015 /300×200mm / photographs, collaged on a photograph  / Unnamed Country/ TRAUMARIS SPACE


Unnamed Country / 2015/ Stones, ink jet print on paper / 1600×1000×h.100 mm / Unnamed Country/ TRAUMARISU SPACE / Tokyo

A series of photo sculptures that collages photographs of stones themselves, on the surface of the real thing. What appears as a double image in stones collected from the river are another layer of stones that can not be seen. A photograph collaged on the surface of a stone cuts out a certain time of the object itself. It seems that nothing seems to change at first glance. This work is a photographic sculpture to simultaneously show different invisible time axes of past, present and future.