Anonymous layer – Chinese Boat


Anonymous layer – Chinese Boat /2017/ Punching aluminum, UV print(anonymous picture of antique plates in the 17th century)/h.1000×w.2000×d.50mm, h.750×w.1820×d.50mm / Creative Water Way Yokohama 2017

“Anonymous layer” focusing ” Anonymous ones” buried in history and installs it as a sculpture with a different time axis in the contemporary landscape, reveal a landscape that can see the past and the present at the same time. In this plan, what I quote is people, animals, plants etc. which are picture on an anonymous antique dish or pot (all the data used are in the public domain). Extract it, shoot it, transfer it to a metal plate with numerous holes and install it. The sculptures as dim layer penetrates the background and assimilates. An anonymous layer installed into the landscape implies the invisible relationship between presence and absence, landscape and time.