Portrait of erosion


Portrait of erosion / 2018 / Portrait of erosion / 2017 / inkjet print on tarpaulin, Scenery / 2500×2500mm
/Teshikaga-Gokkann Art Festival 2018

A project focusing on the invisibility involved in the relationship between the identity of the individual and the landscape in which it was formed.
Install portraits based on interviews in various places such as forests, houses etc. as various backgrounds. The portrait that hollowed out part of the face or body, opened numerous holes throughout, penetrates the background and assimilates. A portrait as a anonymous layer inserted in the landscape. It implies an invisible relationship between presence and absence, individuals and landscapes, and scenery and society and time. It is also a reference to the various reality concerning individuals and landscapes that the present society has, problems such as difficulties due to war and disaster, landscape disappearing in redevelopment.