Déjà vu


Déjà vu – An old person on the bench / 2019 / 600×940×600mm / Aluminum, UV Print, LED light / GlogauAIR/ Berlin, Germany

In a foreign country, what kind of landscape do you see in your mind?

Is it a face or gesture of someone, a landscape or a scene from memory?

Everyone have an inner landscape that connected with their identities.

I interviewed foreigners staying in Berlin and asked the following question.

“Have you ever remembered your home country in Berlin, and if so, what kind of scene did you see?”

I was interested in the internal landscape of the individuals and the various scenes they described because it is a landscape that is invisible to others. I searched for the scenery they told me based on the interview. While realizing that I will never reach their landscape, I am still excited about the richness of the image that comes to my mind.