Takashi Homma + 100% ORANGE · AOBA + ART 2008 Catalog

An official catalog of “AOBA + ART 2008”, an art event set in the residential area of ​​Yokohama suburbs that began in the autumn of 2008.
Opening from the right, you can look a picture book of Homma Takashi’s “A beautiful hill” shot the views of exhibition in the typical background such as garden and garage of houses.
Opening from the right 100% ORANGE’s manga – “AOBA + ART The Endless”.
All the exhibited works will appear in the story where the hero looks for art work in town.
Work includings are Ryo Abe, Mitsuhiro Ikeda, Takashi Kuribayashi, Masanori Sukenari, Jun Homma, Kyoco Taniyama, spoken words project, Design office ima, Hiroaki Nakatsugawa, Takashi Hara, Godai Watanabe. The direction of this book is Eguchi Hiroshi of Utrecht, and design is Daigo Nagamatsu of BUFFALO.GYM.
AOBA + ART is a contemporary art project including installation, workshop, performance that developed background in residential area near Tama Plaza called Aoba-ku Yokohama.
An artist Jun Homma as the director and was launched together with the design office ima and neighboring residents.
Artists, architects, designers on the stage set in a quiet emerging residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo that was built in the 1960’s. Eleven pairs installed various works.

2008 / AOBA + ART Executive Committee
H180 × W 100 mm
48 pages full color
1,500 yen + tax