Portrait of erosion – Chennai


Portrait of erosion –Chennai

2019 /  print on Sheets, Scenery / 2133×2133mm / Chennai Photo Biennale 2019


The work in Bangalore that involved 16 students from Srishti Institute Art and Design exhibited at the Rangoll Metro Art Center in Bangalore. Then the work exhibited at the Chennai Photo Biennale 2019, and it is the installation view at Chintadripet Railway station.

16 students researched the architecture and landscape of Bangalore and Chennai cities based on the theme of invisibility, I shoot the portraits of them with each background, and completed the work “Portrait of Erosion” based on that. Through the whole hole, the portrait penetrates the background and assimilates, each student’s portrait becomes part of the landscape as an anonymous layer. It will be an installation

focusing on the invisible relationship between the identity of those individuals and the landscape in which they were formed.

I overlapped the hole of the face part for making to appear the patterns like kolam (pattern of various patterns drawn on the entrance in south India) and a Islamic architecture finding everywhere in India and also, it made the face invisible by the pattern.