breeze  – The Double statements


breeze  – The Double statements / 2007 / 900×2700×2000mm / Flags, Steel, Fan


Beginning of the wind

Wind seems to be a switch that leads to memory and imagination. When wind blows your cheek unexpectedly, once you can remember the feeling and the scenery where you felt and seen past.

So that , wind swept my cheek now may eventually affect me. That wind might the beginning of the sea may have been a Moaning of reindeer coming over ice floes,

It might be the first fluttering of butterfly that has come through.

Or that is not blowing the wind,

It may only be an illusion of a slight tremor with the nerve cells of the brain.

I think if the work is like the wind that strokes someone’s cheek.

For a while I would like to think about “the beginning” and “Where abouts” of wind.